Special Officers Meeting: August 2017

North Tonawanda Citizens on Patrol
Neighborhood Watch

Meeting Notes: Saturday August 5th 2017

1. Discussion of the name and acronym. If we want to attract people, we need to focus on branding and perception.
1. Why was 'COPS' chosen? Seemed to be chosen to help intimidate criminals. To make a stand. A subjective emotional reason.
2. What does the 'S' Stand for? Answer: Artistic License
3. Suggestion was made to rename it to Citizens on Patrol Service.
4. Point was brought up that the name brings a level of stigma towards the group. That people are less likely to be involved, as they are confused about what we do, and who we are.
5. The topic of the rename was debated. North Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch seems to be a name which would better fit what we do. Chairman suggested the old name be phased out, and Neighborhood Watch to be our main focus and public branding. Some printouts defining the difference between National Citizens on Patrols groups, Neighborhood Watch groups, and also Block Parent and Safe Place groups were passed around for review.
6. Tabled a choice on this matter until Thursday.
2. Do we have existing bylaws? Nothing written in stone.
3. Discussion of 'definitions of members and officers'. Draft proposal for bylaws. The draft was approved.
4. Meeting Adjourned.