April 2019 Minutes

NT Neighborhood Watch
Meeting Minutes: April 11h 2019
7:00 pm North Tonawanda Public Library

Meeting Notes
Meeting Called to order @ 7:01 pm
Opening Prayer by Steve Ash, and moment of reflection for Pastor Dave Beutel.
Motion to Approve the minutes of March 2019 by Scott Seconded by Joe
Treasury Report last month $596.40 / $280.80 spent on shirts. Current at $315.60 Stays the same for this month.
Joe Marranca Jr (Social Media Report): About the same. Progressing slowly FB members are still rising. Speed Zone issue/ misleading information. School zone issues/ New play ground new school is the reason for the new speed zone. Nash between Meadow and Ruie. Mark S. to be honored as NT ambassador April 16th 6:30 pm at city hall.
Sherri Marranca (Group Ideas): Reached out to by recreation dept Bully prevention awareness campaign. Ideas needed to get the kids involved in the program. McDonalds and Tim Horton banned kids from the sites during school hours from loitering. Clear Caption rep volunteers to set up a presentation for his phones at one of our meetings.
Motion to approve a new bylaw for the group (regarding limiting speaking time for topics brought up which were not on the agenda, to 5 minutes, unless granted more time) by Scott Thomson, Seconded by Sherri. All voted in favor: Motion carried.
50/50 Draw and Intermission. The Winner was Dennis Watts Who won $ 20 Mark S, won door prize
Officer Joe Cake (Police Department Update): Free Child Safety seat check again this month. 32-40 people usually show up per month. Every 3rd sat of the month. April 4th in school for health fair. And April second for first responer day and freshman orientation. Officers are in various additional classes this time of year other than the police academy. Possible mobile app. For PD Pending grant approval. 2-3 weeks we will know if its approved. SS scam/ FTC site has the audio from the SS scam. FTC.gov Coffee with the Police possibly in May. School is working on handling the vaping problems on property.
Ward Officer Update - 3rd Ward (Steve Ash): Meeting place motioned for the library motioned by Scott. Seconded by Steve.
Sam Marranca (Student Liaison): teachers patrolling bathrooms checking for vape use and the pot use. Mcdonalds/ jan-feb banned. Students are banned for the rest of the year. Fights and loitering at Tim Hortons and Burger King (middle school students) also banned from those businesses.
Joe Marranca: running for school board:school safety seminar Secret Service speaker. Secret Service is now involved with school safety. March 27th School District was awarded National school safety award.
Steve. Group idea to honor the Passing of Pastor Dave.
Caroline: Mark Zenger about steps. Speaking with engineer and home owner. Turning the steps into a ramp. The corner of Tremont and Falconer.
Sonja: code enforcement. Schenck St. area. Behind the Dollar General. Property owner can do what he wants to do with his property.
Joey 3rd Sargent at arms nominee.