February 2019 Minutes

NT Neighborhood Watch
Meeting Minutes: February 14th 2019
7:00 pm Redeemer Lutheran Church 265 Falconer St

Meeting Notes
Meeting Called to order @ 7:04 pm
Motion to Approve the minutes of December / January by ...Joe M....seconded by Marilyn
Treasury Report last month 589.40 Current:596.40
Officer Joe Cake: child safety seat checks still on going every month 3rd Saturdays. Pulp 716 reaches out to do coffee/tea with a cop. Communication is on going for the event. Possibly in April. Office Cake discussed replacing retired police officers for the police station.
Joe Marranca: Social Media update: 1,050 members and still growing on FB. A lot of feed back and comments on the site. Motion for using treasury money to order more shirts. 4 each med and up sizes. Seconded by Sherri.
Steve 3rd ward officer: Nothing to report.
Steve's Driving Letter discussion: Possible publication in the local paper. It has also been posted on our FB page. Steve will contact the paper for possible publication. Steve motions to publish in Niagara gazette. Seconded by Joe.
Nominations: Open position nomination for Secretary consideration for Nicole. Motions to vote in will be at the March meeting.
Misc: Joe M./ 30th Anniversary Of First Responders for North Tonawanda March 13th celebration. Group considers volunteering for event. Caroline/ Side walk up date. Caroline has talked to someone and the process in motion to get the issue resolved.
Future event Plans for NTNW in the Fall: Value area fundraiser idea....farmers market.....community yard sale.
Steve: pick up litter in your area.
NTNW is on the list for school volunteer hours for the kids.
Library as an area that is centralized for the population for future meetings. Motion by Scott for the Aprils meeting to be scheduled at the library. Seconded by Steve.
Vaping in school age kids. How popular is it?... etc etc. discussed.
Meeting Closed at 8 pm.