January 2016 Minutes


Meeting minutes for the January 14, 2016 meeting

7:00 pm at the Redeemer Lutheran Church

Board members present: Leslie Bowen, Mike Fisher, Steve Ash

Others present: Mary Riley, Cande Cuedek, Mary Jesz, Bonnie Justice, Peggy Buckley,

Russ Rizzo, Linda Hankinson (secretary for this evening), PO Joseph Cake 179 NTPD,

Pastor David Beutel, Bob Pecoraro, Tom Croop


Meeting called to order @ 6:57 PM by Steve Ash

Prayer by Pastor Dave Beutel - prayer of Dr. Martin Luther King

Approval of minutes of Dec. 10 meeting - Motion made by Mike, seconded by Bonnie - carried

Correction - Steve Ash is the chairman, not president

$257.61 in treasury - Accepted by Bonnie - 2nd by Mary - carried

Officer Joe Cake discussed Dec. 16 child car safety seat check 9 AM - 12:30 on Strad St. Rescue Fire Hall - Free. Seats are provided free to people who can't afford one. There is a seat check every month

Meet & Greet is being planned

The shooting on Manhattan St. - Police have the car but not the suspect

Officer Joe discussed the deer shoot program in NT

Peggy of CHANT discussed the various projects they're working on

Election of officers was discussed - more discussion will take place next month

Steve and Officer Joe Cake discussed the lights in NT. Our goal is to have every light lit in the city

Tom Croop - NTFD was introduced & welcomed. He will have the floor later tonight

Russ Rizzo - 1st Ward councilman was introduced. 2015 in 1st Ward has been stable. He supports the Auxiliary Police (volunteers). He reported they will be getting three brand new patrol cars. In the past they always got hand-me-down police cars.

Discussion took place on how to get information throughout the community

There is an ordinance in NT related to snow removal

We discussed the problem with absentee landlords. This is a serious problem in NT.

Tom Croop - Assistant Chief of NTFD - He explained the various duties involved in his job

C.E.R.T. - Citizens emergency response team was explained. It's a vital resource.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.