Meeting Minutes: July 2018

NT Neighborhood Watch
Board Meeting Minutes: July 12, 2018
7:00 pm Redeemer Lutheran Church 265 Falconer St
Board Members:
Quorum present?
Others Present:

·Executive Session:
Called to order at 7:01pm
Chaplins Prayer
Review and Motion to Approve the Minutes of previous meeting. Seconded by Joe M. Approved by the 3 people whom were at the previous meeting.
Treasury Report $570
Logo Contest, no submissions. Tabled the logo and shirt discussion for now.
Mention the donation, and placement of 4 signs by Scott Thomson.
Austin was suggesting that we could just ask the city.
Motion to approve up to $400 for the purchase of a used Radar Trailer. Seconded by Bonnie. Carried pending police approval.
Question by Krista / Dennis concerning the legality / liability of the trailer. Was answered that it would be well off the road, and out of any danger.
Also noted that the trailer would be placed in front of locations which had requested the trailer to be present.
Suggestion by Krista, about a Blockwalk – where members of the group will just walk their block to keep an eye out, around 9pm every night. Was a thing in Flordia, in their neighborhood watch group.
Officer Joe Cake, discussed several topics:
Quarterly coffee with a cop
child safety seat check, 10 to 1 fairhavens church, saturday,
every third saturday of the month at rescue 9am to 12:30pm
9 o'clock routine is successful and popular.
Krista asked Officer Joe about Hotspots and how those are identified and dealt with. Joe stated that a lot of how they deal with crimes, is reactive. They patrol areas where previous crimes occurred.
National Night Out, will be August 7th, at Gratwick Hose, 6pm. The new K9 dog, Hammer will be there. Canned Goods can be donated to the North Tonawanda food pantry.
Leslie will co-ordinate with Scott regarding the Shelter, and signs for that.
Motion approved to spend around $20 to re-letter the sign for North Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch. Seconded by Marie, Carried. No objections.
Discussion of Keychain, or bracelets for students with Police, School, CHANT phone numbers on them. Also would like to get on there too! - Discussion of the topic, and how to reduce costs. Unsure what role the group will play, but there was some interest. Suggestions were made to Joe M. Austin Tylec suggested maybe targeting a specific age group to save costs.
Discussion of NT High School Liasians (Jim Fischer) / Nina – positive movement, but no news.
National Night Out? Shelter? Signs? Approval to get a neighborhood watch sign made for that table.
Still seeking a secretary, public relations/social media relations, and sgt at arms. Any nominations?
Joe Marroworja was nominated, and accepted the role of Social Media relations. Motioned to appoint him was seconded by Carol, and carried with no objections.
Bonnie asked about the leg bracelets, and how it is monitored. Joe Cake mentioned that the Parole Officers are responsible for monitoring that system, and that usually the Police don't actually get information about that unless it is shared with them by the Parole officers.
Meeting Ajourned at about 8:15 pm.