June 2016 Minutes

NT Citizens on Patrol
Board Meeting Minutes: June 9, 2016
7:00 pm Redeemer Lutheran Church 265 Falconer St
Board Members:
Present: Steve Ash, Mike Fisher, Judy Mittiga
Absent: N/A
Quorum present? Yes
Others Present:
General Public

·Executive Session:
- N/A

·Public Session:
- Public session called to order at 6:58 pm by Chairman Steve Ash
- Prayer by Pastor Dave Beutel
- Approval of the minutes of May 12, 2016 meeting
Motion by Mike Fisher, seconded by Bonnie Justice
- Treasurer’s report, $511.61
- Officer Cake:
Talked about the Special Olympics Torch Run, Bike Rodeo and Child Safety Seat
- Community Speak - Members of the community will be given 4 minutes to ask a question, with a 3 minute follow up.
Issues about people yelling in the street at night.
-Robert Pecoraro spoke about the Healing Field Flag remembrance ceremony. They are looking for volunteers for the event.
-CHANT – has some upcoming events:
6/6/16 Town Hall Meeting – NT High School Library – Nice turnout of 56 people. Looking for ways to inform
parents and teens about the drug problems ie; Heath class, education, media. Have presentation at freshman
-Mr. Copozzi was in attendance and talked about issues in North Tonawanda with code enforcement, delinquent home owners and independent contractors who work in the city. Thank you for attending.
· Other business:
- Still looking for ways to publicize meetings.
- Free community board on TV

· Meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Judith Mittiga.