Meeting Minutes: June 2017

NT Citizens on Patrol
Board Meeting Minutes: June 8, 2017
7:00 pm Redeemer Lutheran Church 265 Falconer St
Board Members:
Present: Steve Ash, Mike Fisher, Leslie Bowen, Judy Mittiga
Absent: N/A
Quorum present? Yes
Others Present:
General Public

·Executive Session:
- N/A

·Public Session:
- Public session called to order at 7:00 pm
- Prayer by Pastor Dave Beutel
- Approval of the minutes of May 11, 2017 meeting
Motion by Bob Pecoraro, seconded by Bonnie Justice
- Treasurer’s report, $588.75
- Officer Cake: Not in attendance.
- Community Speak - Members of the community will be given 4 minutes to ask a question, with a 3 minute follow up.
-CHANT: Project sticker shock was done at Budway’s Supermarket, will survey shoppers. Town Hall meeting is being planned for August. July 10th meeting at the NT Youth Center from 3:00-4:30.
-Will from NT Coalition for Safe Schools & Streets was in attendance and informed us about the group. The group is trying to curb bullying at school and incidents of violence with North Tonawanda by youths. They are looking for support from the school and community.
- A suggestion was made to leave the bank and use a lockbox for the COPS donations, it was voted to stay with the bank. Motion by David Conte, seconded by Judith Mittiga.
- Other business:
- Still looking for ways to publicize meetings.
- Free community board on TV

· Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Judith Mittiga.